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11 novembre 2012 7 11 /11 /novembre /2012 23:03

Type : Ferrari F40 LW (Lightweight)

Année : 1988

Fabricant : Kyosho

Echelle : 1/18

Référence : 08412R

Observation : Jantes noires

1-18 Ferrari F40 LW Kyosho 04
1-18 Ferrari F40 LW Kyosho 05
1-18 Ferrari F40 LW Kyosho 03
1-18 Ferrari F40 LW Kyosho 01



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microsoft outlook 2010 24/12/2013 09:41

This is truly awesome! Even after these many years, I think no other manufacturers have made something better than Ferrari! We can clearly understand the power of engine ion straight road races. Thanks for the share! All the best for your blogging efforts!

ascari 24/12/2013 16:48

Thank you for your comment. Obviously we share the same passion for a beautiful things : Ferrari for exemple.

Manic 28/02/2011 18:09

Bonjour, je pense que nous avons la même passion. Peut-être vous participer à mon forum vous plairait-il ?


Au plaisir.